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How to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

Akshay Madhani
Akshay Madhani

54% of folks have whipped out their wallets and snagged a product right after eyeballing it on Instagram.

Social media has become more than just a platform for connection, it's now a space for exploring products, comparison, influence, and decision-making.

The path from just looking around to actually throwing down cash isn't a straight line. It's more like a spiderweb, with each person taking their own twisted route.

Social media customer journey

For some time now, we've been trying to figure out the social customer journey - how folks wander through social media, deciding on this and that.

A simple model that we’ve found to work well for various industries and business types involves two things: engagement and conversion.

Engagement's like opening the door and drawing people in by all the chit-chat, discussions, information sharing, and entertainment. Now, what tickles one person's fancy might not do squat for another, but generally, engagement indicates interest or approval.

Conversion's the big leap – buying something, signing up, or another significant action. It's when someone's starts getting picky, sizing things up, and thinking hard about whether they wanna pull the trigger on a purchase or not.

As people flick through their feeds, hit up ads, or yammer on posts, they're dancing between these two steps.

Diving into this mess on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is a trip. This whole thing gets even wackier when you think about the boatload of stuff people run into along the way.

And in the middle of all this, flipping followers into buyers is both art and science.

Social direct response marketing

This whole game's been turned on its head by social direct response marketing, a method that not only captures attention but also drives immediate action.

With the smart moves and social direct response platforms like Scrollmark, you can smooth out the twisty social media customer journey and make every little nudge count.

You send them the right message when they’re most likely to engage or buy - when they’ve commented on or shared your posts or Stories.

Doesn't matter if you're running a lean operation or a bigwig business, understanding how to hook and cash in on your crowd is what's gonna keep you afloat.

Hang tight, and I'll show you the ropes on turning all those thumbs-ups and chitchats into cold, hard cash and solid gold loyalty with the help of social direct response posts and Scrollmark'sintuitive journey builder.


Right at the heart of turning your Instagram followers into solid buyers is getting a real handle on the whole engagement scene.

The aim isn't just to get a quick laugh or a fleeting glance, it's about turning that quick look into something you can use — think emails, phone numbers.

By doing so, you're not just interacting, you're converting your audience into leads. That's where the whole game changes, from just another face in the crowd to someone who might actually drop some dough.

Here's the lowdown on some Instagram posts you can pull to snag your crowd's attention, get them to jump in on the action right away, and use that hustle to nudge them a step closer to coughing up their email or digits for a purchase.

Tips and how-to’s

Kick it off by dishing out some solid, helpful content. Think of it as giving away little pieces of treasure – these could be nifty tips, detailed how-to guides, or just some fascinating tidbits about your industry.

The key? Make it something they can't just scroll past.

CTA in post: Drop a line at the end of your post like, "Hit us with a 📘 if you're itching for more, or comment 'learnmore' to dive deeper." It's a simple move, but it's like asking 'em to raise their hand if they're into what you're saying. You're not just throwing info out into the void, you're starting a convo.

Journey: Once they've bitten the bait, set Scrollmark to slide into their DMs like a pro. Drop a quick, slick tip or shoot them a link to a guide that's all kinds of useful. And just like that, you've subtly shown them how your brand fits right into their world.

Follow it up by asking them to share their email address: "Want to keep getting these golden nuggets of wisdom? Drop your email, and we'll make sure you're always in the know." Before they know it, they're not just followers; they're leads.

Industry news, insights and updates

Start by sharing the freshest scoops, the latest breakthroughs, and the smartest insights from your industry. Show off your brand as the go-to guru, the one who's got their ear to the ground and knows what's up.

The trick is to make it irresistible.

CTA in post: At the end of your post, toss out an invitation like, "Got a thirst for the full story? Hit us with a 📰 or drop 'insights' in the comments."

Journey: When they show that glint of interest, get Scrollmark to slip into their DMs with the grace of a cat. Send over a neat summary of the latest buzz, something snappy and insightful. This is your chance to show how your brand isn't just in the loop, it's ahead of the game.

Then, seal the deal by nudging them for their email: "Digging these deep dives? Leave your email, and we'll keep you on the frontline of all things new and noteworthy."

Trending topic content

Hop on the bandwagon by crafting posts that latch onto the latest buzz, the hot hashtags, and the trends that everyone's gabbing about in your industry.

Grab their gaze and don't let go.

CTA in post: Cap off your post with a nudge like, "Wanna dig deeper into the buzz? Flash us a 🌟 or comment 'trending' below."

Journey: When they bite, let Scrollmark do the talking. Slide into their DMs with a casual yet captivating rundown of what's making waves. Offer your two cents, sprinkle in some insights, and just like that, they see how your brand dances to the same rhythm.

Follow it up with a little invitation for their email: "Can't get enough of the trend train? Leave your email, and we'll keep you in the loop with all the latest and greatest." Before they know it, they've gone from casual observers to eager insiders, waiting for your next move.

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)

Offer a glimpse into the nitty-gritty – the making, the movers, and the shakers of your brand - with a BTS post.

Turn the spotlight backstage and let your audience see the real deal.

CTA in post: Wrap it up with a tease like, "Craving more BTS from our brand? Drop a 👀 or comment 'sneakpeek' for the VIP tour."

Journey: When they show interest, hit them up with a personalized DM loaded with juicy BTS shots or clip, tossing in a special peek as a thank-you for joining the ride.

Cap it off by gently asking for their email: "Hooked on the behind-the-scenes magic? Drop your email, and we'll keep the curtain pulled back just for you." They get the insider track, and you get a new lead.

Lifestyle content

Curate posts that mirror the life and values your audience vibes with, showing off how your brand's the perfect fit for their world.

Reflect their aspirations.

CTA in post: Nudge them with, "Want a slice of the good life? Hit us with an ✨ or 'lifestyle' in the comments for top-notch tips." It's your invitation to a shared journey.

Journey: Slide into their DMs with tips that make life sparkle, weaving your products into the narrative as the cherry on top.

Follow it up with a little invitation for their email: "Craving more lifestyle inspo? Share your email, and we'll be your guide to the good life."

Event or webinar promotion

Spread the word about your must-attend events, webinars, or live sessions, building buzz and anticipation.

CTA in post: Prompt them with, "Mark your calendars! Comment with a 📅 or 'eventinfo' to snag all the juicy details." It's your call to the curious and the keen.

Journey: Send a brief but enticing DM with the when and where, maybe a secret link or early access to get them pumped.

Conclude with a subtle nudge for their email details: "Want the inside scoop on all our events? Leave your email, and never miss out." They're not just attendees; they're VIPs in the making.


Engage your audience with polls that prod for their take or taste on matters close to your heart and theirs.

CTA in post: Rally participation with, "Cast your vote! Join the debate with a 🔍 or 'myvote' and tell us why!"

Journey: Thank them with a DM, dishing out more content or insights tied to the poll topic, showing you're listening.

Wrap up by extending an offer to provide their email: "Want to stay in the know? Share your email, and be part of the conversation."

Memes or humor

Serve up a side of chuckles with memes or quips that strike a chord, making your brand the day's bright spot.

They'll be laughing, engaging, and remembering you with every smile.

CTA in post: Invite a laugh with, "Got a giggle? Share a 😂 or 'funny' in the comments and join the fun club!"

Journey: Keep the chuckles rolling with a DM packed with more grins, all while subtly introducing them to your brand or product.

Seal the deal by suggesting they share their email: "Want a regular laugh? Drop your email, and let the good times roll."

Challenges or contest announcement

Step into the ring with a challenge or contest that screams your brand's name or whispers sweet nothings about your industry. Get 'em all revved up.

CTA in post: Throw down the gauntlet with something like, "Got the guts? Hit us with a 🏆 or drop 'challenge' in the comments to step up."

Journey: When they show that glint in their eye, shoot them a DM with all the juicy contest deets, the how-to's, and the shiny prizes or bragging rights up for grabs.

With Scrollmark in your corner, you can make this whole showdown a spectacle right there on social media. But if nothing else you can finish by proposing a swap: their email for more contests and challenges right in their inbox.


Roll out the red carpet and dangle a carrot – by offering a chance to win a product or special prize through a giveaway.

A special treat like this gets the crowd buzzing and wanting a piece.

CTA in post: Lay it on them with, "Fancy a freebie? Comment with a 🎁 or 'enterwin' to throw your hat in the ring, and share this post to double your chances."

Journey: Once they've taken the bait, slide into their DMs with a thank you, a nod of confirmation, and the lowdown on how this whole giveaway shindig works, plus what they might just get their hands on.

And don't forget, Scrollmark's there to help you spin this giveaway into a full-blown social media fiesta. But at the very least, you can always wrap things up by offering a trade: they hand over their email, and you keep the freebies coming straight to their inbox.

User-Generated Content (UGC) encouragement

Shine a spotlight on a piece of fan-made gold and get the rest of the crowd itching to show off their own masterpieces for a sweet deal or a little spotlight.

CTA in post: Rally the troops with, "Got a tale to tell? Share your own masterpiece with a 📸 or 'myStory' and step into the limelight." It's your way of passing the mic and seeing who sings.

Journey: When they reach out with their creations, hit them back with a DM full of thanks and a chat about how their story might just make the headlines.

Sweeten the pot with a little thank you discount or a treat. And with Scrollmark's AI, you can keep the conversation and the encouragement going, nudging them from proud creators to happy customers.

These social direct response posts and Scrollmark journeys are your ticket to connecting with your audience precisely when they're vibing with your brand or content on Instagram.

Real-time, in-the-moment exchanges are golden, nudging potential buyers closer to the checkout lane as they've essentially waved and shouted that they’re digging this.

With engagement, our aim is to spark a micro transaction: their email or phone number traded for exclusive peeks behind the curtain, insider tips, invites to the hottest events, and more.


When it comes to turning your Instagram crowd into real-deal buyers, you gotta be sharp.

You gotta craft posts that really stick to your brand or zero in on your product. Make 'em something that'll get a rise out of your audience, something they can't just scroll past.

Then, when they bite, that's your cue.

Hit 'em with the good stuff – tailored recommendations, sweet deal coupons, or a hefty dose of good old social proof. It's all about setting the hook and then reeling 'em in.

Mix these moves in with your usual charm, and you've got yourself a recipe for nudging those tire-kickers right over the line into buyer territory.

Here's the playbook on creating these kind of Instagram posts. They create a sense of urgency, offer undeniable value, and present irresistible calls to action. By using targeted content, limited-time offers, and personalized follow-ups, you'll be compelling your audience to make that purchase, turning likes and comments into revenue and loyalty.

Exclusive sneak peeks or launch announcements

Get the buzz going with a little teaser of what's cooking: a fresh product, service, or some juicy news you're about to drop.

CTA in post: Fire them up by saying, "Want exclusive preview or early access? Hit us with a 🚀 or whisper 'sneakpeek' in the comments for first dibs."

Journey: Once they've shown they're game, slide into their DMs with an invite to the big reveal or a chance to jump the queue.

Sweeten the deal by throwing in a special discount code for those early birds or pre-orders. And let Scrollmark's goal-driven AI give them a nudge 1-3 times over the week to keep that excitement hot and maybe turn it into a sale.

Detailed product demo or tutorials

Put the spotlight on your product's smarts and tricks with a demo or tutorial that breaks down the genius behind the scenes.

CTA in post: Get them leaning in by saying, "Crave a full experience? Drop a 📚 or comment 'guide' for your very own walkthrough." Offer them a front-row seat.

Journey: When they take the bait, hit them up with a DM to book a demo call or a session where they can get the full experience.

Follow up that demo with Scrollmark AI-enhanced product recommendations and a nice little discount code for first-timers. Scrollmark's AI is there to follow up 2-4 times, answer product FAQs, keeping them in the loop and ready to take the plunge.

Customer success stories or case studies

Share the tales of those who've walked the path before and found their happy ending with your product.

Show your audience the way to their own success story.

CTA in post: Encourage a connection by saying, "Inspired by success? Flash a 🌟 or comment 'success' to discover the path."

Journey: Once they show interest, send them a DM offering a chance to chat more about how they can follow in those footsteps.

Let Scrollmark's AI suggest products in a follow-up DM that have been heroes for others and toss in a special deal for new adventurers. The AI can be tuned to keep the conversation going 1-5 times, solving their doubts about your products, and weaving more tales of triumph to help them make the leap.

Time-limited offers or discounts

Create a stir with offers that won't hang around, making sure they know the clock's ticking.

CTA in post: Light a fire under them by saying, "Quick, before it's gone! Smash that ⏰ or comment 'quickdeal' to grab your offer."

Journey: When they show they're ready, hit them with a DM that lays out the deal, the deadline, and just how much they stand to save.

Keep the heat up with suggestions for other goodies that go great with their deal and let Scrollmark AI remind them 1-3 times that time's running out.

Product bundles or package deals

Show off your package deals that bundle up the value and the savings in one neat little box.

Offer them a present they can’t wait to get their hands on and open.

CTA in post: Draw them in by saying, "Love a good bundle? Comment with a 📦 or 'bundledeal' to unwrap the details."

Journey: When they take the bait, whisk them a DM full of the lowdown on what's packed into the bundle and why it's such a steal.

Toss in an extra treat, a little discount or bonus, as a thank you for going big. And let Scrollmark AI do its thing, filling them in on all the perks, answering product-related questions, and nudging them towards making it theirs.

These tailored conversion strategies and Scrollmark journeys are your roadmap to guiding your audience down that final stretch towards purchase, right when they're most tuned into what you're offering on Instagram.

With conversion, our goal is to seal the deal: turning that initial intrigue into a sign-up, solid lead, or sale with the right nudge at the right moment.

Whether it's through exclusive offers, irresistible bundles, or personal demonstrations, we're trying to make each connection count, moving each potential buyer from consideration to confirmation.

Final thoughts

People zigzag through social media, exploring and judging brands, products, and offers, sometimes going around in circles a few times before they decide on anything.

Brands and marketers should not try to force users out of the loop but provide information and engagement they need to make informed decisions and product recommendations, offers, and nudges to help with purchases.

Whether you're a well-established brand or a new entrant, the strategy remains same:

  1. Maintain a strong brand presence. Be where your users are, ensuring your brand is top-of-mind as they explore.
  2. Create posts with behavioral psychology in mind. Use principles of buyer psychology ethically to make your offerings stand out as users evaluate their choices.
  3. Use social direct response marketing in organic and paid social. Whip up tactics that prompt immediate action and engagement from users, using the power of social media to drive direct responses and conversions.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter.

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