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Get More Leads with 3 Kickass Social Media Engagement Post Ideas

Akshay Madhani
Akshay Madhani

Ever post something and get a buzz when the likes and comments start rolling in?

It feels good, right? But then you look closer and realize—those thumbs-ups aren't turning into the kind of action that moves the needle for your business.

Here's the deal: it's cool to see those engagement numbers climb, but if they're not bringing in conversions, what's the point? So, let's switch gears. We're going to tap into some tactics that turn your social media to a solid player in your sales funnel.

I've got six killer social media engagement ideas for you. These aren't just going to make your notifications pop, use them and you’ll be snagging those emails and phone numbers in no time.

You can then retarget the leads, mix into your omnichannel campaigns, or just get straight to the heart of a sale. Get comfy, and let's dive in. This is going to be good.

‘Did You Know’ series

This is one of the EASIEST ways to get your audience to eat out of your hand.

Think about it:

When you drop a mind-blowing fact about the culture, history, technology, trivia surrounding what you do, you're informing them about something they’ll relate to. And they’ll end up making a loose bond with the content and with you. They’ll trust you and stick around for more.

So, try this:

  • Go broad: Skip the product spiel. Instead, serve up juicy facts about the broader scene—be it tech, fashion, food, whatever your arena is. Think 'dark fact about underground sneakers' if you sell shoes, or 'how coffee became a global craze' if you're in the roast biz.
  • Relatable content: Hit on points that resonate with the day-to-day lives of your followers. If they can see themselves in the story, they're more likely to engage.
  • Mix it up: Throw in fun, quirky facts one week; important historical milestones the next.
  • Make it a series: Whether it’s #TriviaTuesday or #FactFriday, try making your ‘Did You Know?’ moments something your followers anticipate each week.
  • Engage: Wrap up each fact with a punchy call-to-action. Ask them to share their own nuggets of knowledge or if they can relate to the trivia.
  • Keep the convo going: Don't just post and ghost. When someone comments, jump into the discussion. It’s all about building that community vibe.

I get it—keeping an eye on comments and replying to each one can be a tough gig, especially when you're playing the numbers game.

But here's where Scrollmark steps in and makes life a whole lot easier. Not only does it help automate the conversation, but it actually helps you capture those precious email leads.

You can set up a journey in Scrollmark to recognize those key reactions and phrases in the comments. So, when someone drops a "wow" or a "I had no idea," Scrollmark can jump right in with a follow-up fact or a quick "Thanks for engaging!"

But why stop there?

You can also seize the moment to ask directly for their email, promising to keep them in the loop with more cool facts and updates. Use this as an opportunity to fatten your email list.

And here’s the cool part: with Scrollmark, you can set up a 'Listener' to keep an eye out for when someone sends a message with their email address. When that happens, you've got an automation hero ready to swoop in.

This way, you're building your DM list with eager participants who are looking forward to your content.

All the emails, phone numbers, and other first-party and zero-party data that you collect finds a home in the Audience tab of Scrollmark. From there, it's just a click away from being exported into your CRM, marketing automation software, or customer support tools. This is where engagement meets efficiency—neatly organizing your leads and making them action-ready for your next marketing move.

And just like that, you're turning comments into leads at lightning speed.

‘This or That’ polls

If you really want to ramp up the fun on your social channels while getting valuable zero-party and first-party data, try ‘This or That’ polls—a simple and powerful way to engage your audience and peel back the layers on their preferences.

Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Kick off with relevance: Start with something that really resonates with your brand and your audience. A men's skincare brand like Tiege Hanley can try "Gel or Cream Cleanser?". A charity like Games for Love could rekindle the age old debate "Console or PC gaming?". Make the options and the poll itself something that the audience would care about to comment.
  • Make it pop with emojis: Don’t just ask the question, use blown-up emojis in image or playful GIFs to show the options and get the attention of the people scrolling through. Then ask people to comment with their option’s emoji. This visual pop not only catches the eye but also makes it fun for your followers to participate.
  • Get them talking: Ask them to drop a comment about why they picked their option. Did they choose gel cleanser because it feels lighter, or cream for its moisturizing benefits? Or maybe they’re console fans because of the exclusivity of certain games? This gets people sharing personal stories and preferences, ramping up the engagement.
  • Post it on all social media channels: It’s easy to repurpose this kind of post for various social media platforms. Unless a channel is basically ‘dead’ for your brand, post it there.
  • Take it further: As votes come in, tease the results in a separate post, or share a countdown to the big reveal. Build anticipation and keep everyone hooked until the end.
  • End on a high note: When the poll closes, share the results in a fun reveal post. Maybe even spotlight some of the best comments or funniest reasons. It’s a great way to keep the energy high and show your followers they’re a big part of the fun.

This or That polls can be a fun part of your social media calendar that entertains, engages, and gives insight into your audience.

Now, you could manually comb through each comment to pick up on your followers' preferences. But let’s be honest, doing that can be a drag. Why not kick things up a notch and automate this?

You can create a journey in Scrollmark that kicks off when people comment with their poll emoji.

Once they've commented, send them a DM to acknowledge their choice and dig a little deeper. This is your chance to learn more about why they made their choice, which helps you gather richer data. Ask a couple questions based on their poll choice to really get what’s behind their preference.

DM that's sent if people choose "🏆 Competitve play"
DM that's sent if people choose "🎉Casual gaming"

As they reply, tag them in Scrollmark. These tags are like little breadcrumbs that help you see who likes what.

Tags for people who are competitive players
Tags for people who are casual gamers

All this juicy data gets neatly organized in the Audience tab on Scrollmark. It’s ready whenever you need to pull it into your CRM or customize your next campaign.

At the end of their journey, check if you’ve already got their email.

If not, tempt them with something cool in exchange for it. Maybe a discount, exclusive access, or a sneak peek they can’t resist.

Asking competitive gamers for their email
Asking game-a-thon lovers for their email
Asking laid back gamers for their email

When they send their email, send them a simple thank you DM.

Look, collecting data is important for businesses and brands, I get it, but it doesn't have to be a drag. Engaging your followers in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re just handing over precious info for a limp freebie actually makes a big difference.

By using this approach, it won’t feel to the users like you’re probing for data - they’ll feel like you're inviting them into a conversation, respecting them as individuals with choices and opinions, understanding them on a human level, not just as another data point.

This way, the whole experience becomes engaging and meaningful, making it fun for everyone involved.


Giveaways are everyone’s favorite, right? Giveaway tweets have, on average, 1350% higher engagement on Twitter. Instagram is the most popular giveaway platform, with more than 53 million posts for giveaways.

Our platform stats agree as our customers see a whopping 90% DM open rate for giveaways sent through our platform.

Traditional social media giveaways often require you to jump through several hoops: follow us, like and share the post, tag a couple of friends. These actions are designed to move the engagement metrics, but they can also spook away people who prefer not to broadcast or tag others.

Here's a refreshing twist:

Host mini-giveaways where all you need to do is comment. Simples. This approach is perfect for the shy folks who'd still love to engage without the spotlight.

And here’s a little secret: comments are valued highly by social media algorithms. More than likes, reacts, AND shares. The more comments you have the harder the algos push your posts beyond your immediate circle, reaching non-followers and popping up in Explore or For You feeds.

Tiege Hanley recently hosted such a mini-giveaway. They kept it super simple, asking users to just comment “WASH”, which lowered the barrier for participation and made it super accessible for everyone—no need to share or tag friends.

Mini-giveaway post by Tiege Hanley
Comments with the giveaway keyword

While that’s a solid approach, want to know a simple tweak you can make to this to ramp up engagement and collect even more leads? Focus on creating posts that have a broad appeal.

Posts that connect on a more universal level and excite or intrigue people have the potential to go beyond just your current followers, reach new eyes, and draw in a wider audience who are eager to jump into the conversation.

Instead of focusing on product or the brand, consider a theme or question that resonates more widely. Tiege Hanley can do something like this next:

“Ever wonder how superheroes manage to look great after an epic battle? 😄 If you could create a superhero skincare power, what would it be? Comment with your most creative idea and enter our giveaway! We’ll randomly select winners from all the entries submitted in the next 7 days. Let's have some fun and save the day with great skin! Your creativity could snag you one of our exclusive 25% OFF discount coupons!”

We did two things here:

  1. Changed the focus from product to invite creativity and interaction, appealing even to those outside your current follower base who don’t know your brand or your products. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it gives people a low-barrier way to connect with your brand.
  2. Instead of first-come, first-serve we made the winner selection process random to encourage ongoing participation. This will help maintain a high level of engagement over several days, potentially increasing the reach and impact of your post.

Mini-giveaways like these turn passive scrollers into active participants, deepening their engagement with your brand and improving your reach. It’s a win-win approach that makes giveaways fun and accessible for everyone.

But how do you turn those comments into a list of sweet, sweet emails?

Let’s be real, old-school marketing automation on social media was a bit of a snooze. Even if someone actually dropped their email in your comments or slid it into your DMs, you had to go on a treasure hunt, manually collecting each one—like digging for gold with a teaspoon.

Here’s how you can use Scrollmark to bring marketing automation to your socials:

You can create a journey that goes off whenever someone comments on the post. In the DM that you pre-set, ask for their as a final step to enter the giveaway.

The emails you collect will show up in the Audience tab, ready to be exported. You can also tag people as ‘Giveaway Participant’ and ‘Giveaway Winner’ if this information will be relevant for your future campaigns. For this, just follow what we did in the previous tactic.

Once they send over their email, hit them back with another DM confirming their successful entry.

Here’s where the A/B testing node comes into play. Set it up with a 20%-80% weightage. The lucky 20% get the winner's DM, and the 80% get the "nice try" nudge.

But here's one more trick: Upload a stash of 25 unique discount coupons to Scrollmark and link these bad boys to the winner DMs.

As winners pop up, they snag a coupon from your collection. When you hit empty, Scrollmark automatically stops sending the winner DMs.

DM sent to winners

Anyone late to the party gets the default "Oops, all out of luck...and coupons" message.

DM sent to those who didn't win

Remember to show off the winners publicly in a post and IG Story. This builds trust and shows that your giveaways are genuine. Celebrate your winners and share their excitement.

And that, folks, is how you turn a simple comment game into an email-gathering, engagement-driving machine with just a few clicks.

Less grunt work, more fun, and who knows? Maybe even a big boost in sales.

Final thoughts

Remember, while we’ve accepted engagement as the star of the show on social media, it’s really just the opening act. The headliner? Generating leads, getting sales.

But here’s the catch:

You can't reel in high-quality leads without first laying down some solid engagement tracks.

So, how do you make sure your engagement efforts are not just noise but a prelude to valuable conversions? Here are a couple of street-smart tips:

  • Seriously, don’t overcomplicate things. Just focus on getting one interaction - comments. One clear call to action – that’s all you need. Comments get your post prime visibility by pushing it into feeds, Explore pages, and beyond.
  • Choose themes for your posts that resonate widely. Everyone loves talking about superheroes, movies, everyday dilemmas, celebs, cats, and memes.
  • The secret ingredient? Enjoyment. If you're having a blast creating your posts, chances are, your audience will too. The more they enjoy interacting with your content, the more likely they are to engage meaningfully and drop those precious emails and phone numbers.
  • Once they comment, keep the conversation flowing. A simple thank you DM or a follow-up question can turn a one-time commenter into a potential lead. Use Scrollmark to automate this.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter.

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