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7 Social Selling Tools for Turning Followers into Buyers in 2024

Akshay Madhani
Akshay Madhani

In 2024, social media doubles as a bustling marketplace, with every like and follow being a potential dollar.

And if you're not armed with the best social selling tools, you're already behind.

This post is gonna walk you through 7 tools that could just change the whole game for you, ramping up your sales and flipping your social strategy on its head.

1. Scrollmark: Put your social selling on autopilot

On social media, you need to get your customers to hit the 'buy' button pronto.

Social direct response marketing is a straight to the point strategy, designed for quick engagements that can range from a simple call to action to a swift purchase.

This method is the jet fuel for your social selling engine.

Scrollmark is a social direct response tool that lets you craft your social sales journey with an intuitive journey builder, perfecting automations that don’t just engage but convert.

When someone shows you love with a follow, comment, or share,Scrollmark's journeys are there to catch that moment and spin it into a golden opportunity.

A user drops a comment, and your automation's ready to slide into their DMs, not just with a hello, but with personalized offers and product recommendations just for them.

It's like having a sales rep on call 24/7, ready to charm every prospect.

From greeting new followers to showing them your product catalog to collecting their email and contact information, you can easily initiate sequences that lead to conversions.

Scrollmark also helps you focus on users that meet your ideal customer profile, segmenting with conditional flows based on AI predictions.

With Listener nodes, you can respond dynamically to user interactions to keep the journey relevant and contextual, guiding customers towards purchase.

With Scrollmark's catalog integration, you can connect your Shopify store or upload a CSV file.

This will give you the super power to include product links, flashy images, and all the purchase info your heart desires, right in your DMs.

There’s also a goal-driven AI to work that can push for the sale, dish out personalized product pitches, and tackle product questions with the help of your product knowledge base.

Pricing: Scrollmark is currently providing an all-inclusive plan for $999 a month.

Best for: Social-savvy consumer brands, eCommerce brands, SaaS platforms seeking B2B engagement, and ad agencies big and small. It's the perfect for influencer marketing agencies, game publishers, web3 projects, content creators and D2C tech startups looking to automate and optimize their social selling.

2. Buyapowa: Reel in sales through referrals and rewards

Referral marketing improves conversions because of personal recommendation magic. When a buddy gives a thumbs-up, those sales just tend to start rolling in smoother and faster.

Referrals pack a trusty punch that your everyday ads just can't match.

Offers get passed around like a hot gossip, bumping up your brand's spotlight.

Buyapowa's the big cheese in the world of referral marketing, serving up a platform that lets businesses big and small tap into the gold mine of happy customers.

Think of it as turning your satisfied shoppers into your top salesfolk, all while keeping a keen eye on the numbers with real-time data and analytics.

First up, they've got this Affiliate Rewards solution that lets you whip up personalized programs for your VIP advocates.

Encouraging your biggest fans to spread the good word and reel in new customers works wonders.

Then, there's the Referral Programs feature, a powerhouse that lets you manage and monitor all your campaigns.

Whether it's your regular customers, your employees, or those high-flying influencers, this tool keeps tabs on who's bringing in the business.

Integration's a breeze with Buyapowa powered by their API. They sync up with various email domains or use their own, making sure those rewards find their way and every action's tracked without a hitch.

And when it comes to figuring out what's working and what's not, Buyapowa's got you covered with insights and guidance, all accessible through their slick portal.

Pricing: Buyapowa is in the business of bespoke solutions and their pricing's a bit of a chat and chalk situation. It boils down to how many brands, products, and territories you're playing with. They typically charge a fixed annual licence fee without any commissions.

Best for: Enterprise brands with a buzzworthy product or service and a customer base that just can't stop singing their praises. It's perfect for those looking to tailor a rewards program that's as unique as their business.

3. Linktree: Essential link-in-bio solution

Linktree is a link-in-bio tool that points your social media crowd straight to your hottest products, latest deals, and freshest drops with just one link in your bio.  

First, you've got a slick, customizable landing page which is like your personal billboard, ready to be dolled up to match your style and vibe.

TikTok using Linktree on Instagram

It's another chance to show off your brand and goodies in all their glory.

Then they have cool integrations with Shopify and Spring.

They hook right into your Linktree page, making it a one-stop shop for your customers to browse and buy without skipping a beat.

But some learnings from personal experience here:

Customization can be a bit of a tight squeeze. Depending on what plan you're on, sprucing up your Linktree to really feel like 'you' might be a bit of a tussle.

While Linktree gives you analytics, they might not spill all the beans like your own website would. Getting down to the nitty-gritty of what your visitors are up to could be a bit fuzzy.

Similarity's another pickle. With so many folks flocking to Linktree, standing out in the crowd can be tough when everyone's page is structured the same way.

Pricing: They have a free plan which is your bare-bones, straight-up link-in-bio tool, perfect for anyone just dipping their toes in. Starter, Pro, and Premium plans are $5, $9, and $24 per month with more and more functionalities added in.

Best for: All brands and solo players who are looking to sell something on social. Even official accounts of Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok use Linktree for their social media game.

4. CommentSold: Live selling video commerce platform

Livestream selling or live selling or live shopping is a way to turn your product pitch into a live performance, where your audience can jam with you in real-time.

They get the VIP treatment — seeing your products in action, asking questions, and getting answers on the fly. This just zips the buying journey right along.

CommentSold is a live selling platform with some really cool live selling features.

You create your show, set it up, and you're broadcasting live sales that have studio-quality production value.

As you hop from one product to the next, the CommentSold overlay keeps the crowd in the loop with all the details they need to snap up what they're eyeing.

And this broadcast can go down simultaneously on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and your Shopify websites, snagging eyeballs and pulling in the crowds from all corners.

Shoppers can simply comment “sold” or click the product highlighted on the live video to add it to their cart without leaving the stream. They then get an instant notification with a link to checkout.

And the cool live selling features? There's a heap of 'em.

Dropshipping, a neat mobile app, website syncing, automated marketing, and Videeo for Shopify feature, just to start.

You can scan barcodes to switch items like you're flipping channels, and ping notifications to keep your viewers glued and buying.

Incoming comments during live sales have tags indicating new shoppers, top fans, and more, so you know who's in the crowd, letting you tailor your pitch on the fly.

CommentSold's also got the whole social commerce automated, so folks can buy straight off your Facebook or Instagram with ease. It's slick, with automated carting, invoicing, smart auto-replies, and even waitlists that know how to keep the party interested.

Inventory? Centralized. Shopping? Gamified.

On your end, you've got this dashboard showing comments from all channels, what's flying off the shelves, the cash rolling in, and just how many eyes you've got on you.

Pricing: For the solo players and upstarts, the Starter/Individual plan will set you back $134 a month, plus a 5% cut of the sales. If you're a bit more established, the Small Business plan's your ticket at $499 a month and 4% of those sales. And for the big players, the Large Business plan's sitting pretty at $999 a month with 3% of sales. It leans a bit more towards the high-end side compared to some others.

Best for: It's perfect for brands that thrive on community buzz and want to turn that chatter into cheddar. If you've got goods that need to be seen to be believed — think fashion, beauty, or anything home-related — and you're all about showing them off with a bit of flair, CommentSold's right up your alley. Agencies that work with such brands will also benefit from partnering up with CommentSold.

5. Sprii: Live selling solution with a personal touch

Sprii is another live shopping platform that can help you put a bit of life into your selling, blending the social with the sale, and smoothing out the ride from show to sold.

Here's how it lays out:

You hook up your Facebook page, Instagram page, and eCommerce platform with Sprii. Next up, you set the live shopping events. Pick your products, schedule your show.

Now, when the show's on, viewers can drop keywords to snag the products, just like CommentSold.

Overlays show these keywords. They comment, and like clockwork, they get a link zapped over to take them straight to the checkout.

You've also got your branded overlays, multistreaming across platforms, automated chats to keep the convo flowing, and even a bit of gamification to spice things up.

These events go down on your social channels and website, pulling in folks.

Lastly, Sprii plays nice with all the big-shot eCommerce tools out there.

The real difference between CommentSold and Sprii is in the bag of functionalities they bring.

Also, with Sprii, you're playing without one of the headliners — TikTok's not on the guest list.

Pricing: Basic plan that's easy on the wallet at $99 a month, with a 4% nibble off your sales. Then there's the Business plan, a solid middle ground at $299 a month plus 3% of those sales. And for the big-time players, the Enterprise plan stands at $999 a month, ready to handle whatever you throw at it.

Best for: Any brand itching to jazz up their sales game with some interactive, eye-catching shopping experiences.

6. TagShop: Turn UGC into conversions

Tagshop is a social commerce, shoppable UGC and visual shopping platform when you're looking to bring a bit of authenticity and flair to your online store.

Tagshop turns your Instagram feed and user-generated content into shoppable galleries on your online store, converting social buzz and real-life product love into tangible sales.

You can customize them to fit your brand's style and make them as interactive as you like.

Whether it's a collection of Instagram favorites or a showcase of glowing customer reviews, inspiration meets convenience.

By showcasing authentic user experiences, Tagshop amplifies social proof.

Tagshop makes it easy to tag the products in your images and videos to make them instantly shoppable.

You can also then pop these galleries onto your website. It's like turning your customer's social shares into your next sale.

Pricing: For the up-and-comers, the Starter plan's a sweet deal at $49 a month. Then, as you start to spread your wings, the Growth plan's there to back you up at $149 a month. And for the big leagues looking for that tailored touch, the Enterprise plan's got your name on it for $299 a month. And for the agency folks, there's a special Agencies plan with a price just for you.

Best For: Brands that strut their stuff visually and have the kind of inventory that makes Instagram users stop scrolling and start shopping.

7. Neoreach: Influencer marketing for global brands

Influencer marketing is like giving your social selling sales pitch a megaphone in the hands of the cool kids.

Influencers are street cred in human form, and when they give your product a shoutout, it's like a golden ticket straight to their fans' hearts — and wallets.

Neoreach is a swanky tool for brands and agencies that want to dive headfirst into influencer marketing with full-scale campaigns.

They have over 3 million influencer profiles, complete with the nitty-gritty on who they are and what makes their followers tick.

It's supposed to handle everything from A to Z — like coming up with clever ideas and creative strategy, fraud detection for spotting the phonies, paid media, and even hooking up to other tech with its API.

It's like a Swiss Army knife for those looking to get chummy with influencers and make a splash.

NeoReach's interface is sleek as a whistle.

Juggling those search results, like sorting influencers into neat little groups or campaigns, is a cakewalk, even with all the juicy details each profile offers.  

The platform itself provides AI-powered recommendations by mixing your performance data with some brand affinity magic. And the recommendations smarten up the more you use it.

But NeoReach isn't just some glorified search tool. It's got all the gear you need to steer your marketing ship.

It's like the command center for your influencer chats, from first hellos to nailing down deals.

Plus, the campaign management tools keep everything shipshape. For each influencer, you can dive into your chats, peek at contracts, and track how their stuff's doing.

This thing's built to let you toss in your own data, whip up some creative strategies, and keep tabs on your campaigns without breaking a sweat.

When it comes to the level of detail you get for tracking your campaigns, NeoReach doesn't just toss you the usual stats; it digs deep into who's tuning in and how your money's really working for you.

To make sense of your bucks, they’ve even got this Influencer Media Value metric that can provide custom ROI calculations.

NeoReach lets you run all sorts of reports as well, limited only by the truckload of data you can pull from the platform.

We're talking everything from who's digging your influencer's vibe to how they're stacking up in the campaign smackdown.

Plus, if you're itching for an even deeper dive, there's room to hook up with third-party analytics tools.

Pricing: It's got all the bells and whistles you could want, but it'll cost you a pretty penny — we're talking anywhere from 50 grand to half a mil a year.

Best for: So, it's really for the big brands and agencies, the ones ready to drop some serious coin for a slice of that data-driven influencer pie.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right tool for social selling is like betting on where you're heading.

Each one of these seven tools I'm talking about, they've got their own tricks, tailored to different slices of the social selling pie, from smart auto-replies to power-packed influencer team-ups.

Get to know these tools, really use them, and you're not just upping those immediate sales. You're setting yourself up for a long haul in the social media marketing.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter.

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