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23 Creative Ways to Rock eCommerce Marketing on Social Media

Akshay Madhani
Akshay Madhani

Navigating the world of eCommerce social media marketing is all about the 'what' and the 'how.' Getting both right is crucial, yet it's often easier said than done.

To give you a leg up, we’ve curated a list of 23 actionable ideas designed to give your eCommerce brand's sales a lift on social media.

But, before we jump into these strategies, let’s take a step back and consider a foundational question.

Which social media is best for eCommerce?

Asking which social media platform is best for eCommerce is a bit like asking which spice makes food taste the best.  

But I get your drift. You're really wondering: which social media platform should your eCommerce business be investing in?

There are three key players that consistently deliver top results for eCommerce. And yes, I'm talking cold, hard data backing this up:

  1. Instagram: This visual powerhouse is a goldmine for brands. Over 170 million people in US use Instagram monthly, and 70% of shoppers look to the platform for their next purchase. That's a lot of potential customers waiting to double-tap on your products.
  2. Facebook: The OG of social media, Facebook, isn't just for keeping up with Aunt Edna's garden gnomes. With over 188 million monthly active users in US, it's a massive marketplace where upto 1.2 billion monthly shoppers buy something from Facebook Marketplace.
  3. TikTok: The new kid on the block, TikTok, has skyrocketed in popularity with over 150 million US users. It's not just dance videos and lip-syncs; 37% of its users have purchased something they saw on the platform.

If your marketing team is amazing with visuals and storytelling, Instagram might be your holy grail.

If they're all about community building and targeted ads, Facebook could be your goldmine.

And if they're into creating viral, trendsetting content, TikTok could be your ticket to eCommerce stardom.

In short, the best platform for your eCommerce business is where your strengths match up with the platform's features and where your potential customers love to hang out.

It's about being there AND being awesome.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of some brilliant tactics for nailing eCommerce social media marketing.

Sell where your customers scroll - on social media

Why drag customers to your site when you can bring your store to them, right where they spend more than 2 hours daily?

Here's a reality check – almost half of US consumers have already shopped directly through social media, while 6 in 10 are interested in doing so.

Today, social media platforms are becoming one-stop shops, keeping users glued to their feeds and turning browsing into buying in a few clicks.

With social media platforms evolving rapidly to embrace eCommerce, it's time for brands to tap into these built-in marketplaces.

Let's break down what Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are bringing to the social shopping table:

1. Tags on shoppable posts

Across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, shoppable posts have turned feeds into aisles.

Tag products in posts or videos, making it irresistibly easy for customers to buy with just a click.

Image source: Leota Instagram

2. Set up social storefronts

Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, TikTok Shops - they're your brand's digital storefronts, right where your customers are.

Customize your shop, showcase your products, and let the social scrolling convert into shopping.

3. Livestream shopping

Facebook Live Shopping, Instagram Live, and TikTok's live streams are the new-age shopping channels.

They're interactive, they're real-time, and they add that human touch to digital shopping.

And nothing beats the thrill of live retail therapy.

46% of US consumers have made a purchase through a livestream event and would do so again.

4. Fun customer interactions

Instagram and TikTok offer interactive tools in stories, such as polls and quizzes.

They're not just fun, they provide valuable insights into your audience's preferences, helping you tailor your offerings.

Direct customer interactions through comments, DMs, and community posts across platforms are opportunities to convert interest into sales.

Tools like Scrollmark help supercharge the way in which you react to these customer interactions and engage them in a conversation that ultimately results in revenue.

You can send personalized direct messages to users the moment they show interest in your brand, whether they follow you, comment, or engage with your story.

Turn every online interaction into a potential conversation, creating a sense of community and personal attention that today's consumers crave.

Using listeners, conditionals, AI nodes, and A/B test nodes you can design automated customer journeys on social media.

Stand out with creative content

To all you eCommerce brands out there peddling everyday items: stop with the educational content.

Honestly, do consumers really want a deep dive into the riveting world of... paper towels?

If you're not selling the next big thing since sliced bread (and even if you are), skip the dreary educational spiel.

Sticking to the same old content playbook makes you just another face in the crowd.

Back in 2013, the marketing world got a bit of a shake-up, thanks to Les Binet and Peter Field.

These guys weren't just messing around when they dropped their bombshell study, "The Long and Short of It". It turned heads and flipped scripts all over the place.

Here's the kicker from their research: Brands that do well focus on 'fame' campaigns.

We're talking about the kind of campaigns that don't just push a product; they lift your brand onto a pedestal, making it a name that’s discussed among friends and family.

Meanwhile, those logical, educational campaigns? Yeah, they didn’t do so well.

Chart source: The Long and Short of It, IPA

So, what’s the big takeaway?

If you want to grab attention, break the mold with creative content ideas that will actually resonate with your consumers and make them talk about you.

Here are some examples:

5. Mock infomercials

Create satirical, over-the-top infomercial-style videos showcasing your products.

Go overboard, be dramatic, and have fun showcasing your products.

You have Billy Mays’ approval.

Image source: Billy Mays III's X/Twitter

Humour gets viewers to laugh and then gets them to buy.

Ramp up the drama. Use exaggerated expressions, dramatic declarations of your product's greatness, and don't forget the cheesy background music. Make it so over the top that viewers can't help but remember – and share.

6. Product placement in fantasy settings

Photoshop your products into famous movie scenes or fantasy worlds for a laugh.

Placing your products into scenes from 'Game of Thrones', 'Star Wars', or any pop culture titan can give viewers a delightful double-take.

Image source: Big

Tips for success? Choose iconic scenes, add a twist that features your product as the hero, and voila – you’ve got social media gold.

7. Troll the trolls

When trolls come knocking, answer with wit sharper than their barbs.

Turning a negative comment into a humor-filled spectacle can showcase your brand's personality and resilience.

Image source: CMI

Always keep it light-hearted.

The goal is to have your audience chuckling and rooting for you.

Remember, the internet respects a good comeback.

8. Behind-the-scenes bloopers

Perfection is overrated. Sharing those blooper moments when things didn’t go quite as planned humanizes your brand.

Image source: Maybelline Instagram

Make sure these are relatable and genuinely funny.

A video where your new blender whips up a smoothie storm all over your demo kitchen? That’s relatable content that’s sure to entertain.

9. Embrace your inner meme lord

Memes are the internet's love language. Speak it fluently.

Make your products the star of memes that'll have everyone hitting 'share'.

Image source: Stone Island Instagram

Jump on trending memes and give them a twist that includes your product.

It’s about timing and relevance – catch the wave at the right moment, and your product could be the next big meme.

10. Sneaky product placement

Slip your products into lifestyle posts.

Think of a stylish wristwatch peeking out in a coffee shop post or your headphones casually hanging around a book in a reading nook snap.

It's covert, it's cool, and it gets people talking.

Image source: Samantha and Marketing

The trick is to not make it look like an ad. It’s about making your product a part of the scene, naturally catching eyes and sparking curiosity.

And sure, all the usual tips still apply:

  • post consistently
  • prioritize quality over quantity
  • use those hashtags and trends wisely

But remember, it's not just about ticking boxes – it's about being memorably different.

Reach viral levels with contests, challenges, and giveaways

If you’re looking to make waves on social media, you cannot go wrong with contests, challenges, and giveaways.

When you roll out these bad boys, you're not just having fun with your immediate followers, you're playing a clever game with the social media algorithm.

Here’s the playbook: Participants need to take actions - like, share, comment, and tag a couple of buddies - in posts that announce the contest, challenge, or giveaway.

Image source: Stonewall Kitchen Instagram

And just like that, you're climbing up the visibility ladder.

People can’t resist spreading joy, especially when it’s wrapped up in a neat contest or challenge package.

Nail the excitement factor in your contest, and watch as it goes from just another post in the feed to word-of-mouth gold.

But here’s the twist – do it all with an eye on User-Generated Content (UGC) and mining valuable insights for your products.

Every contest or challenge that you run can get you content that you can repurpose for your marketing.

They can also be your secret tool to understand which features your customers are raving about or what tweaks they’re dreaming of. It’s like having a focus group without the boring meeting room.

Let's break down some contest, challenge, and giveaway ideas that are sure to keep your followers hooked:

11. Customer shoutout showdowns

Turn the spotlight on your customers.

Set up a playful contest where they show off their best uses of your product.

Image source: Leona Instagram

Not only does this drive engagement, but it also serves as an endorsement from real users.

And as your customers go into their favorite ways to use your products, you get bunch of insights into customer preferences.

As soon as customers post their entries and use your designated contest hashtag or mention your brand, Scrollmark can automatically send them a personalized DM thanking them for their participation.

This makes participants feel recognized and also encourages further engagement.

12. ‘Caption This’ contests

Use the power of humor. Post an intriguing product photo and let your followers battle it out in the comments with their wittiest captions.

Image source: Instax Instagram

The captions left on the posts will give you a peek into your audience’s mindset - how they think and talk.

You can then use this to inform your marketing campaigns.

13. Fake holiday celebrations

Just like Lush created the World Bath Bomb Day on 27 April, you can create one for your product too. It's a surefire way to create buzz and bring a smile.

Use this made-up holiday to offer special deals, launch limited-edition products, or host events.

It's an opportunity to create tradition and anticipation around your brand annually.

14. Hashtag challenges

Especially big on TikTok, branded hashtag challenges have become a unique way to not just engage but also drive sales.

They're fun, they're shareable, and they turn your audience into brand ambassadors.

e.l.f. Cosmetics' #EyesLipsFace challenge was an irresistible call to flaunt your fiercest makeup looks. $250 worth of e.l.f. goodies were up for grabs.

This wasn't just a hit, it was a social media supernova. We're talking over 6 billion views and 5 million user generated videos.

After the challenge, Scrollmark can be used to follow up with participants to gather feedback, thank them once more, or provide them with exclusive offers.

This helps in keeping the conversation going and building a stronger relationship with your customer base.

Chat your way to sales success on social

In the bustling world of eCommerce, where every click and conversation counts, you have to be ready for the era of conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing is where your chatbots and messaging apps are not just answering questions but are busy bagging sales.

Every message, every interaction, is a direct line to revenue that’s attributed right back to your social media efforts.

Think about it – an automated message pops up about a hot new promotion when someone follows you on your socials, or a live chat with an AI-enhanced chatbot offers personalized product recommendations.

There are several tools available for this, but none of them have been specially crafted for eCommerce social media marketing like Scrollmark.

15. Chatbot easter eggs

Scrollmark can automate engagement and handles those routine customer interactions for you.

You can include hidden, humorous responses or jokes that users can discover when interacting with the chatbot.

From answering FAQs to welcoming new followers to thanking them for their comments, Scrollmark gives you a tireless digital assistant that never sleeps.

16. Automated, interactive quiz contests

With Scrollmark's automated journeys, your social campaigns can run on cruise control.

Run quizzes via the chatbot, where customers answer questions about your products or brand for a chance to win discounts or freebies.

You can run contests, challenges, giveaways, treasure hunts, UGC campaigns, all with the help of journeys with specific triggers, conditions, listeners, A/B tests, and actions.

These automated journeys can be crafted to feel natural and on-brand, keeping your social media presence lively and interactive.

17. ‘Dealer’s Choice’ game

Feed Scrollmark your product catalog and watch it turn into a sales-closing powerhouse.

It’ll not just answer queries, it’ll understand your inventory inside out and making spot-on recommendations.

You can create a game inside Scrollmark where the chatbot randomly selects a product for the customer, based on their past interactions or preferences, with a cheeky explanation.

18. Virtual shopping fun

Each customer is unique, and Scrollmark gets that.

You can create an interactive game where the chatbot guides customers through a series of fun questions to recommend products.

Goal-driven AI engine provides personalized product suggestions, making every customer feel like they’re getting the VIP treatment.

19. Mystery deal

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Scrollmark's AI can dish out coupons and deals at just the right moment, turning a casual conversation into a closed sale.

You can have the chatbot offer surprise deals or exclusive discounts to customers who engage in a fun conversation or play a quick game.

Let influencers lead the promos

Influencer marketing is not just about slapping your product into an influencer's feed and calling it a day.

You need to craft collaborations that resonate, inspire, and ultimately convert.

Choose your influencer wisely.

Find influencers who vibe with your brand's ethos. Their followers are their community, and you want that community to be your audience.

And don't get dazzled by follower counts.

An influencer with a smaller, engaged, and loyal following can be more valuable than one with millions of passive onlookers.

Work with influencers to create content that's authentic to their style yet has touch of your brand.

Also, don’t just show products. Activate campaigns that are designed to engage.

Think hashtag challenges, live Q&As about your products, or exclusive behind-the-scenes looks.

Here are some quirky ways to partner with influencers and let them do the selling for you:

20. Trendsetter tutorials

Partner with influencers influencers who are trendsetters in their niche to create bespoke how-to videos with your products.

Work with the influencer to make each tutorial feel like an insider secret, giving viewers the scoop on how to achieve the latest looks, tech setups, or lifestyle hacks with your products.

Image source: Europa Business School

Let each influencer add their unique style, tips, and tricks to the mix.

It’s about personalizing the experience, so their followers get a tutorial that’s not just useful but also has that signature flair.

21. Influencer flash mobs

Organize a day where all your influencers post about your product at the same time, creating a flash mob effect that dominates feeds.

Choose a day to create a buzz that's impossible to miss.

The internet loves a good flash mob, and when timelines and feeds across platforms get flooded with your product, you create an 'everywhere-at-once' moment that's the stuff of social media legend.

22. Live unboxing events

Send out your latest, greatest product to influencers and have them do a live unboxing.

Make it a coordinated effort where influencers share their genuine first impressions and excitement.

Image source: Vlogs from TikTok YouTube

You can also turn it into a whole event – the unboxing day is a party, and everyone's invited.

It creates anticipation, communal experience, and a flood of live reactions and comments.

23. Giveaway gurus

Have influencers host giveaways where following your brand, tagging friends, or sharing posts becomes the entry fee.

This is a great tactic to use with influencers whose following closely matches your target audience profile.

Image source: Vessi Instagram

But rather than building a community, focus on creating a buzz.

These giveaways are about sparking excitement, generating talk, and making your product the prize everyone's eyeing.

Final thoughts

If you want to run successful eCommerce social media marketing campaigns, you need to look beyond the tried and true tactics.

You can get a better result by getting creative with your content or approach.

With social media ROI becoming more and more predictable for eCommerce, you need to have a strong grip on at least 1-2 social media channels.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter.

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