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3 Bold Plays to Amp Up Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Akshay Madhani
Akshay Madhani

Nearly half the world's internet users are making their next purchase decision on social media.

And 76% of consumers have bought a product that they discovered on social.

Yet, when brands cut their marketing budgets, organic social is often the first to go.

Nope, it's not the channel that's the issue; it's all about how you use it to make that click-worthy connection.

Let’s fix that with 3 proven tactics that should become a mainstay in your eCommerce marketing playbook.

Tap into shoppable posts to sell directly on social

I’ve seen so many reels of items that catch my eye, but don’t end up purchasing, because of the hassle involved.

The biggest nightmare for marketers are sales you lose due to friction.

The trick?

Keep the buying journey short and sweet.

The fewer the steps, the better the experience, the higher the conversion rate.

TikTok shop, Pinterest Shopping, Facebook Shops, and Instagram Shopping let you sell directly on social with the help of shoppable posts.

Those little product tags on posts you see peppered across Facebook and Instagram take you to the brand’s shop inside Facebook and Instagram. You get the product name, more pics, price, and a bit of the spiel.

If you’re not using shoppable posts, you’re falling behind: there’s 130 million folks tapping on these tags on Instagram alone.

Leota have got it down to an art, making the entire shopping experience a seamless stroll from post to purchase.

They've got those shoppable product tags slapped right on. Click on the tags and you're practically in their store without the drag of leaving Instagram.

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All the deets you need are there, plus a slick little button nudging their followers to check it out on their website—shop in-app if I'm feeling lazy or hit up their site for the full show.

They've got every angle covered, catering to the quick buyer and the browser alike.

But here's the kicker: not every thumb stopper on those shoppable posts turns into a buyer.

Nah, most times, it's just a like, maybe a comment, or a share. But for the savvy marketer, that's gold dust.

Someone drops a "What’s the price?" or "Is this on sale?" on your post and you can have Scrollmark in their DMs faster than you can say "discount".

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Just create an automated journey to trigger when a user comments specific keywords on your shoppable posts, like “price” or “sale”, and they get a DM with a limited time coupon, trying to convert them immediately.

And for the stuff that needs a bit more explaining? Scrollmark's AI steps up to the plate. Ready to break it down for the curious shopper, offering tailored advice, and squashing any second-guessing that stands between browsing and buying.

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Hook up your Shopify store to your Scrollmark account or upload a CSV file of your product catalog. A few clicks and you're in business—Scrollmark will be armed with links, pics, and all the info your customers will need.

DMs you send with Scrollmark with rich product information will give your products their own stage and spotlight, right in the middle of the social media hustle.

Turn followers into UGC storytellers for instant social proof

Let's talk about the raw, unfiltered power of user-generated content (UGC). It's the selfies, the unboxings, the honest-to-goodness reviews that make shoppers sit up and take notice.

It creates a vibe of honesty, transparency, and realness that traditional tactics can't touch.

Serving as social proof and a much-needed sense of authenticity, user-generated content is second to none for driving social sales.

Flowbox’s got the receipts in their report, showing UGC dials up conversion rates by 5x.

And Fresh beauty totally gets it.

Fresh ran a sweepstakes contest and saw an overall revenue impact of $1.48 million.

The campaign was simple but effective: leave a review on your favorite product from the Rose collection and get a chance to win a $100 eGift card.

Image source: bazaarvoice

The contest cleverly encouraged customers not just to write about their love for Fresh products but to show it.

Many reviews came paired with a photo, turning words into a gallery of glowing faces and Fresh favorites in their natural habitat – the everyday lives of real customers.

Fresh took this goldmine of picture praise and turned it into a visual feast on their website and social channels.

By showcasing real people with real results, they turned their customer base into a lineup of brand ambassadors.

But getting folks to jump on your UGC bandwagon isn’t a walk in the park, even when you dangle a shiny prize.

You gotta catch 'em in those magic moments when they’re already close to your brand, like when they hit follow, share your stuff, or give you a shoutout.

Someone gives you a mention on social? You can slide into their DMs with a thank you and an invite to share their story, their snaps, their piece of the brand love.

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Already running a UGC contest? Send the lowdown straight in the inboxes of new followers – contest details, how to join, the works - and encourage them to participate.

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You can also automatically reward users who create UGC on any social platform too.

User tags you with your branded hashtag, send them a thank you message and a discount code or an exclusive offer. It can help nudge more of that UGC goodness while making the connection between your brand and the audience stronger.

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By segmenting users based on conditions like follower count, verification status, or past interactions, you can also personalize your approach to UGC creation.

Spot the influencers in your crowd, the ones with the followers and the clout, and hit them with personalized messages, special perks. And get them spreading the good word, creating top-tier UGC that's got the power to turn heads and open wallets.

Team up with content creators for killer collabs

Back in the day, a celebrity could just wink at a product, and it'd fly off the shelves.

But now?

The game's changed. It's about the girl next door with her skincare tips or the guy who can make any tie look like a million bucks.

Real people, real influence, not just celebs with their manicured Instagram feeds.

And people really do pay attention to creators, listening close to their recommendations and reviews.

78% of TikTok users purchased a product after seeing it featured in TikTok creator content.

Maple Hill, an organic dairy brand, got the memo. They dove into TikTok, the wild child of social platforms, and partnered with 125 content creators within a 10-mile radius of 5 of their stores.

Maple Hill needed a way for their brand to stand out on the busy grocery shelves and make use of the enthusiasm of the local consumers with personalized content.

The strategy? Tap into those creators who speak the language of the everyday, who dance in their bedrooms and make it look like the hottest club in town.

The creators filmed different types of product-focused videos like fun transition videos and vlog-style content.

Maple Hill saw 172% increase in in-store sales.

Finding the right content creators is kind of like dating. You want it to feel natural, not forced.

That's where Scrollmark comes into play. It's like having a sixth sense for spotting potential influencers who are already digging your brand, already giving your content some love.

Set up a journey in Scrollmark to trigger when someone reposts your content. That's your first hint they're into what you're putting out there.

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Add a listener to see if they come back for seconds, thirds, even fourths.

If they're sharing your stuff four times, well, that's not just a fluke. That's someone tuning into your brand's vibe.

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Now, this person's shaping up to be a real gem, a potential creator or brand advocate.

Check if they've got the numbers, the followers, to make some real noise.

If they're sharing your stuff like it's their job, and they've got the followers to match, you can slide into their DMs with an offer to join the big leagues:

Hey there! We're really grateful for the spotlight you've been providing us by sharing our content.

We took a peek at your profile and it seems like you're the perfect candidate for a creator campaign we're lauching next month.

Would you like to learn more about it and get paid as you make some fun content for our brand?
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But hey, not everyone's a follower magnet, right?

No problem. If they're passionate but not exactly influencers, you still got a play.

Hit them up with an invite to your insider program, you can also get them to later create some UGC:

Hey there! We're really grateful for the spotlight you've been providing us by sharing our content.

We took a peek at your profile and it seems like you're the perfect candidate for our insider program.

Would you like to learn more about it and the special offers, monthly goodies, and early previews of our products that come with it?

Don't snooze on brand advocates.

They can create valuable social proof, influencing others' buying decisions, and help in sustaining customer loyalty and retention through their genuine recommendations and feedback.

They're the ones turning the tide, building trust, spreading the good word, and driving those sales.

Final thoughts

As we close the curtains on this little adventure, don't forget the basics that keep the conversions rolling:

  • Keep your branding tight across all platforms.
  • Talk back, like, share. Social media's a two-way street.
  • Whether it's a post, a pic, or a video, make it sharp. Quality matters.
  • Keep an eye on what's working and what's not. Data's your compass.
  • You've got to play to the crowd’s taste. Tailor your content to what they love.

As you head out to try these moves, stay true and stay bold. You might just find your brand turning heads and racking up those ‘Add to Cart’ clicks.

If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter.

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