Rev up your leads and revenue with Twitter automation that converts

Automate Twitter from comments, retweets, and chats to checkout stats

Trigger-based journeys

Catch leads on the fly

Got a reply to a Story? Auto-DM a special deal to snag their contact details, and add them right into your CRM.

Always-on automation

Charm and nurture your leads

People sharing your content get a sneak peek at upcoming releases. They comment on a launch post and receive an exclusive BTS in DMs.

Personalization at scale

Seal the deal in DMs

Product sale post on fire with shares? DM quick-buy links or flash coupons. Our AI answers queries and nudges fans with timed follow-ups.

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Trackable Twitter auto-DMs unlock social attribution, finally

Tailor your Twitter engagement journey

Visualize your Twitter automations from initial tweet to conversion with our drag-and-drop Flow Builder. Personalize DMs based on user behavior and profiles.

Turn tweets into CRM leads and retargeting list

Convert DMs, comments, retweets, and mentions into CRM-ready contacts with smart Twitter marketing automation.

Collect emails and sync them to your CRM

Win hearts and sales with precision Twitter AI bot

Link up your catalog and FAQs and let Scrollmark's AI serve up tailored recommendations, exclusive deals, and support in real-time.

Protect your brand's vibe in every interaction

Block users with negative responses, set DM limits, and blacklist accounts from getting DMs with Scrollmark's neat Brand Safety features.

Keep every interaction clean and brand safe

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